A Staffordshire-based stress management expert is helping to make Stafford a healthier and happier town this new year by providing stress-busting yoga classes.

Qualified yoga teacher and accredited stress management practitioner Sue Tupling is offering regular drop-in yoga classes which include the deep relaxation technique of Yoga Nidra. Sue provides free CD’s and video resources to compliment the classroom teachings so students can practice at home.

Sue Tupling, who has spent 10 years’ specialising in stress and resilience, explained: “It is estimated that over half a million people in the UK experience stress at a level they believe is making them ill and up to 5 million people in the UK feel ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ stressed.”
“Stress can lead to many physical and psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression, mood swings, stomach problems and heart disease and back pain. However, yoga and yoga nidra can have powerful and lasting effects on people, allowing them to manage stress and improve their overall wellbeing. ”
Sue, who is also a trained yoga nidra teacher, will help attendees to overcome fears and anxieties, manage stress and develop greater resilience.

Through learning simple and effective techniques, attendees will learn how to improve their strength and flexibility. Whilst breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques will help attendees to release physical, mental and emotional tension so that they remain calm and centred more of the time, sleep better and have more energy and focus.

The classes are being run in Stafford at Wildwood Community Centre. The classes start at 2.30pm and last for an hour and a half. The cost is £5 for a drop-in class or £45 for a 10 week course paid in advance. Concession discounts are available.

To claim a free taster session or sign up, call Sue Tupling on 07703 023026. Alternatively, you can visit

Editor’s Notes

About the Course Leader – Susan Tupling
Susan is a registered stress management practitioner and also a qualified and experienced business and therapeutic coach. She is a qualified yoga teacher (registered with The British Wheel of Yoga) and has trained with top international yoga teachers, including Tias Little. She is Master Practitioner of the applied psychology of NLP and is also a qualified NLP trainer. Susan runs her own business Changeworks Communications which helps individuals and companies build resilience and turn stress into a positive force for change.