Seasonal reminder of survey surprises

Grumpy Santa_edited-1Christmas may be just around the corner but, believe it or not, December is far from being the most festive month for many according to research carried out on behalf of a Staffordshire company that helps people improve their wellbeing.

The research for Embodied Living was carried out by Stafford-based PR and marketing communications agency, Changeworks Communications and found that May was actually the happiest month, with December the third most miserable!

Sue Tupling, Changeworks Managing Director, believes the results illustrate how simple research can throw up surprising results and provide valuable marketing intelligence for businesses and other organisations.

“Before we carried out the online survey, we would not have thought that December would be amongst the most unpopular months,” Sue said. “We know Christmas is not enjoyed by everyone, in fact some it can be particularly depressing, but it was a surprise that so many more people preferred the Spring months.”

Nearly 150 adults aged 18 to 74 participated in the study, which asked them to reflect on their own personal happiness over the course of the seasons and looked at times of the year when they were happier.

It was carried out using simple and effective online survey techniques that, alongside social media, can provide a cost effective solution for basic market research.

“As well as helping Embodied Living, Changeworks has also helped a number of other clients to understand their customer base through various research projects,” Sue continued.

“The level of detail, sample size and depth of analysis will depend on the client’s requirements and budget, but even the most basic survey can unearth some useful and interesting results which can be used to shape products and services, generate good publicity or build brand awareness.

“They are also a great way to engage with customers or other stakeholders on social media, which is becoming increasingly important for many businesses and other organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors,” she added.

Bah humbug….December isn’t amongst the most popular months, research finds.