How Howards accountants supports a top entertainer


Atila Huseyin is an internationally-renowned vocalist best known for his top quality interpretations of the Great American Songbook. Whether he is appearing on stage, TV or radio around the world, including Qatar, Turkey, the USA and the Maldives, Atila delights audiences with an unrivalled combination of musical class, sartorial style and sheer charm. Most recently, Atila – who has received glowing accolades from the likes of Buddy Greco and Sir Michael Parkinson – has taken his sell-out ‘King for a Day’ tour around the UK, wowing punters and critics alike with his covers of classic songs made famous by Nat ‘King’ Cole.

The issues

Atila’s career is taking off in a big way and he is a genuine globe-trotting singing star who is continually on the road when he is not in the studio. Having to travel abroad for concert appearances and tours means that he is often not in the UK, which makes managing his financial affairs so much more complicated than the average taxpayer. On top of his singing career, Atila runs a high-level bespoke event management company called Aurora Events which has recently experienced huge demand from internationally-recognised organisations for its tailor-made luxury planning and design services.

Atila was acutely aware that his growing popularity and increasing workload outside the UK made it imperative that he brought in a professional accountancy firm. He wanted to be sure that his financial affairs were handled professionally and securely while he was free to get on with developing his career.

The solution

Atila had previously used part-time accountants but it soon became obvious that he needed some seriously strong professional support and advice so that he could move forward with his life.

On the recommendation of a friend, Atila turned to the rapidly growing chartered certified accountants firm Howards. Currently operating at maximum efficiency with record staff levels, Howards has grown substantially over recent years to meet the ever-increasing demands of its customer base for a flexible service that simplifies complex financial issues.

Atila says:

“We all work hard and specialise in our respective fields so it was vital that I brought in experts who could help me, someone to lend a steady hand to proceedings. As I have become more successful there have been more decisions to make and less time to make them in. So it’s a comforting feeling to know that your finances are being soundly managed and that you have someone in your corner that you can turn to at any time for advice.”

Howards’ Managing Director Matt Bailey says:

“Atila is a very talented artist but he came to our practice in a pretty ‘raw’ state and had received little professional advice prior to our engagement. His career and popularity were gaining momentum and so was his income, with sell-out performances wherever he went. So we changed Atila’s trading structure and assisted with the challenges of performing outside of the UK. Efficient tax planning was completed to take into account the new trading structure and his overseas income. We also helped him to manage royalty payments, VAT and so much more.”

Find out more

You can find out more about Atila on or listen to and buy his albums and singles on iTunes, CD Baby and other online outlets. Many of Atila’s live performances can be seen on

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